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Throwback to early last fishing season and yesterday.

Going back to early last year to quick trip we took early in the year to fish a few hundred miles north of where we live here on the Kenai Peninsula.  We caught and released some great Rainbows and Grayling.  We began making this trip a couple years back and though it is a long drive we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see new fishing places.  We’ve even began to pick favorite spots that produce excellent fish over and over.  It was early in the season and still pretty cold out. Below are some pictures from that day. 



grayling, fish, fishing, alaksa, akfishinggirl, fly, fly fishing


grayling, streem, outdoors, streem outdoors, fly, rod, fish, fishing, alaska, alaskan

Looking forward to getting back up there as soon as possible.  This weekend we drove to Anchorage and back on Sunday.  Great quick trip for some items we needed.  Stopped at the bridge over Kenai Lake and the beginning of the Kenai River.  Beautiful pictures as the sun was setting. Of course all it did was make us want to be fishing.

kenai, river, alaska, sunset, sky, alaskan

kenai, lake, alaska, alaskan, sunset, sky

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